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Florae Flower Remedies restore the balance of your subtle energy systems. The effect can be felt emotionally, mentally and/or physically.

The background of the remedies is Oneness, from which everything arises: the single, non-dualistic reality in which we are all one, whole and perfect. Even when such oneness may not seem apparent in the foreground of your life.

Florae Flower Remedies belong to the language of the heart and of your true self – a language of silence, knowing and peace.

The remedies help to connect with what always is, and to what you always are: silence. Other words for silence are oneness, wholeness, love and peace.

This is a whole different frequency from the language of your thoughts, arising from your egoic mind: the language and subsequent emotions of lack and failure, of swinging endlessly back and forth between good and bad, possible and impossible, winning and losing, hope and despair.

The egoic mind is not wrong or bad, it is simply part of being human. One of its functions is to create an autobiographical sense of being a separate person with a past, present and future, which is needed in order to function as a human being. However, the world in which we live conditions us to accept this mindset as the one and only reality, and makes us forget about our true, whole nature. This leads to seemingly unsolvable confusion and other impossibilities.

When the sense of inner chaos and pressure becomes overwhelming, and you seem unable to resolve the problems you’re struggling with, Florae Flower Remedies can help you by working from that place deep inside that you know well. The silence and emptiness, from which everything arises; the emptiness-that-isn’t-empty a still, everpresent celebration of life, light and love. It’s a place, or a space, that you may seem to have completely forgotten about, or that you can’t connect to right now.

Florae Flower Remedies take you beyond the fear, guilt and shame that seem to be engraved in our egoic mind. They bring you back home to the abundance and peace, the well-being and happiness that are everyone’s birthright. They do this in a gentle way, often without you being aware of it.

Supported by the remedies, your system may suddenly sense solutions that didn’t seem to be there before, leading to an underlying feeling of peace and space and the awareness that somewhere, deep inside, all is well and that you are perfect and whole.

The remedies support you during your struggle with recurring patterns and provide the space you need in order to break free from those patterns. By their presence, the remedies offer loving support and help. Although some people may feel this effect more strongly than others, the remedies can lead to positive results for anyone.

There are many ways in which the remedies can help and they will gladly do so.

Pay close attention to which remedy resonates most with you. If you have any questions please contact either Laurette or your therapist or teacher who is working with the remedies.

About the remedies

Florae Flowerremedies consist of alcohol (37,5 %) and flowers.

A flower can be part of several remedies for different reasons. 

The versatility of the applications of the flowers seems to be unlimited. This may explain why there are different sorts of remedies from everywhere around the world for sale: each plant has to offer so many qualities, depending on different viewpoints.

Each flower is preserved in alcohol. From these tinctures, the different remedies are composed.


The remedies support you during your struggle with recurring patterns and provide the space for you which you need to break out of these patterns.

They are a loving support and help with their Presence. Although this may be felt stronger by some than by others, in both cases it may lead to actual results.


About each remedy


Home Remedy

Provides a sound sense of trust and encouragement; creates a peaceful golden light for your subtle energy systems to relax and regain strength by. The Home Remedy releases tension and, from deep within, brings you out of your fight-or-flight mode, as you become aware that fundamentally everything is all right. The Home Remedy gives you strength and courage to carry on, to see what needs to be done and to do it; a trustworthy and powerful aid on your journey, providing help from a golden light of faith and unshakeable connection. A substantial support in challenging times.

Physical: Provides rest and space to breathe, alleviates cramps.

Emotional/mental: Gives courage and calmness to see things as they are; creates a fundamental sense of trust.

Spiritual: Home ground, connection with trust, calm and stable mood, encouragement.

How to use: Apply one drop on the inside of one wrist, then rub both wrists together. Use as you feel the need to unless advised otherwise.


Ecology Harmoniser

This is a remedy to dilute in water and then spray in a closed space or room. The Ecology Harmoniser creates a balanced, clear and tranquil atmosphere. Restlessness and chaos are calmed and harmony restored. A clear and peaceful space emerges where you can simply be. This quiet, non-judgemental and undemanding space is often just what we long for. Children may play more peacefully and joyfully together, or simply become calmer. It is important to pay careful attention to the space or room before applying the remedy: make sure that it is clean (physically as well as energetically) and that the space is pleasant and welcoming. The effect of the Ecology Harmoniser will then be most noticeable in the behaviour and sense of well-being of those present.

How to use: Fill a spray bottle with water and add 10 drops of Ecology Harmoniser. Shake the mixture and then spray in the (clean and tidy) space: in the corners, towards the ceiling, and in the middle of the room. Particularly recommended if children (or adults) are argumentative and overactive or if there is a restless and unpleasant atmosphere.


Reset Remedy

Helps focus your subtle energy systems in the here and now, so that you feel yourself to be literally there, wherever you are. The Reset Remedy was originally developed to limit damage from fright, trauma or accident; it helps when you feel confused or lost in chaos within your emotional and mental states, with the accompanying negative effect on your state of being. The Reset Remedy helps you become more present and aware and is also suitable when dealing with the consequences of past trauma.

Physical: Relaxes, alleviates physical stiffness and cramp resulting from a fright or shock.

Emotional/mental: Brings you out of unnecessary suffering; brings you back from a sense of alarm or from wherever your subtle energy systems have sought refuge. Takes you away from drama – children often stop their dramatic behaviour suddenly, from one moment to the next, as soon as they are given the Reset Remedy.

Spiritual: Sometimes you may feel lost and vague in your head or on an energetic level: the Reset Remedy helps you to focus and relax at the same time, relieving acute tension.

How to use: Apply one drop on the inside of one wrist, then rub both wrists together. Use as you feel the need to unless advised otherwise.


Oneness Remedy

Provides an ecological environment with ample space to freely, within the broadest possible spiritual context, restore balance and walk the path of stillness, of the true Self.

The Oneness Remedy allows you to feel the presence of the eternal that has become obscured; it supports an awakening in the depths of one’s being: universal love, unity, wholeness, truth. The remedy assists subtle unseen help to come to us freely and unrestrictedly, so that these energies and love is felt and so that they can heal and guide. Our calling or deep sense of longing may become more tangible, with space to let go of unfortunate patterns, restrictive ideas and beliefs and to move more freely within our expansive energy field. The Oneness Remedy serves awakening; this remedy helps us feel our true nature and allows love perform its healing work. The remedy can be used by anyone and is generally suitable as support for a spiritual journey and/or your desire to be relieved of a particular problem.

How to use: Apply one drop on the inside of one wrist, then rub both wrists together. Use as you feel the need to unless advised otherwise.


Source Remedy

Helps water remember its original essence. The Water Essence Remedy came about in connection with photographs by Masaru Emoto showing how water (such as tap water) is very susceptible to chaos as a result of multiple toxins, so that water can no longer structure itself in the wonderful crystal formations that are visible in spring water from pristine environments. The Water Essence Remedy has been thoroughly tested in various (non-scientific) ways, for example with diagnostic computer programs developed by the Russian space industry that test the activity of human meridians. While tap water causes many people’s organs and meridians to function less well, the Water Essence Remedy clearly raises the energy levels. The magnitude of difference, and where that difference was most clearly expressed, varies with each individual, as effectively demonstrated by the diagnostic programme. Various therapists working with Touch for Health, with or without a bio-sensor, have noticed the powerful and positive effect of this remedy on their clients. You can quite easily notice this yourself: with only one drop of the remedy in a glass of water, the water becomes noticeably softer and ‘rounder’; many people find it more inviting and easier to drink more of this water. Good hydration is of vital importance for the good functioning of the body, including the brain: water fulfils many essential functions within the body. Water that has been structured and harmonised by the Water Essence Remedy appears to contribute to better performance of these various functions.

How to use: add one drop of Source remedy to a glass of water, or 5 drops to a bottle of water. Add a few drops in the water for your plants, or 10 drops to your bathtub. Stir the water before use.

Frequently asked questions (will be translated soon)

Meer over de remedies en hoe te bestellen

Wat zit er in de remedies?
Florae Bloesemremedies bestaan uit alcohol (37,5 %) en bloemen en in enkele gevallen bladeren van planten.

Er wordt bij de remedies niet vermeld welke bloemen er in zitten omdat elke bloem om verschillende redenen in meerdere remedies kan zijn toegepast. De werking van de bloemen is op hun subtiele energetische niveau erg divers en adaptief: afhankelijk van de reden en in de samenwerking met andere bloemen vormt zich een werking die heel specifiek ondersteunend kan helpen. Om die reden heeft het in het geval van de Florae Bloesem remedies, geen toegevoegde waarde om de namen van de bloemen te vermelden.

Zijn jullie de enige die remedies maken?
De veelzijdigheid van de toepassingen van de bloemen lijkt onbeperkt. De reden dat er veel verschillende soorten en merken bloesemremedies op de markt zijn heeft daarom ongetwijfeld hiermee te maken: dat elke plant vanuit verschillende invalshoeken weer andere kwaliteiten te bieden heeft.
Hoe worden de remedies gemaakt?
Elke bloem wordt apart in alcohol gedaan, dit zijn de moedertincturen. Vanuit die moedertincturen worden ze in één of meerdere Florae Bloesemremedies toegepast.
Wat is de houdbaarheid en beste gebruik?
De remedies zijn minstens 3 jaar houdbaar. In de meeste gevallen worden ze uitwendig gebruikt, door een druppel op de binnenkant van een pols te doen, en beide polsen even tegen elkaar aan te wrijven. Op deze manier wordt de remedie in je systeem geactiveerd. De remedies kunnen echter ook op meridianen of chakra’s worden aangebracht, mocht dat in combinatie met een bepaalde therapievorm resoneren. Op dit moment wordt alleen de Source Remedie in water ingenomen, en wordt de Ecology Harmoniser in een verstuiver met water in de ruimte verstoven.
Hoe kan ik de remedies bestellen?
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Zit er garantie op de werking?
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